Attention, Lagos Police Commissioner

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Akintunde Owolabi Ayetobi

SIR: I call on the Lagos State Commissioner of Police Akeem Odumosu, to the looming Bado gang terror in Ajasa – Command area of the state.

If care is not urgently taken to nip this development in the bud, the consequences may be worse than the Bado gang experienced in Ikorodu some years back.

There are some bad boys, sometimes with some irresponsible street girls, who sell and smoke Indian hemp openly at Ogooluwa/Baba Coste Bus-Stop on Alade Stadium-Amikanle-AIT Road junction, Lagos.

They stay at the back of the vulcanizer beside the bus stop, where they terrorise and molest innocent girls, who dare take a short alley to their destinations.

These bad boys burgle shops around this area. They have also not spared churches within the vicinity. Musical instruments and other valuables enjoyed by worshippers during service have been denied the churches.

Unfortunately, policemen from nearby stations are very much aware of these criminal elements’ presence under the powerline, but only raid them, take them away, and less than an hour after, they are back to base with higher confidence, telling their friends and ‘customers’ who care to listen, that “we have settled”, whatever that means! And we deceive ourselves that we are safe in this environment!

What is urgently needed in this area is for a special squad from outside the division be deployed there for constant and consistent raiding and surveillance to keep these criminals away permanently from that environment.

They are the boys driven away from White House/Yetkem area of Ajasa town sometime past, who now find comfort under the powerline axis of Ajasa-Isoto-Amikanle areas.

These boys must not be allowed to mess up the state government’s mental, physical and financial commitments to security of lives and properties of Lagos residents and visitors.

But it takes the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders and concerned members of the public to ensure that recalcitrant spoilers are not allowed to hold sway in the Centre of Excellence.

We cannot afford to experience another Bado gang saga in Lagos again. A stitch in time they say, saves nine. Your men must swing into action pronto, and save Lagosians an unwarranted and preventable unrest.

Their case was recently mentioned on Faaji FM but they just disappeared for a few days. They are now back to base again.

Enough is Enough!

Akintunde Owolabi Ayetobi, Lagos
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