My relationship with Ozo platonic – Dorathy

4 weeks ago 40

By Adeniyi Adewoyin

Dorathy has finally cleared the air about her relationship with Ozo.

She spoke to Nengi addressing what she and Ozo shared before his eviction on the Ninth Sunday Live Eviction.

Dorathy, who was Ozo’s first best friend in the House, told Nengi she and Ozo had no romantic relationship but maintained only a brother and sister relationship.

Dorathy mentioned she doesn’t like it when it seems like she’s in a love triangle with Nengi and Ozo.

“It was quite funny when it had to look like the three of us were in a love triangle because I always see Ozo as a brother,” she started.

“It never occurred to me that people thought we were in a relationship.

“Whenever we had a conversation, it was always about his sisters and never discussed a relationship coming up between us.

“Well, I am happy that we got to resolve this finally at least and get talking again because it won’t be nice if we continue like this till we leave the House”.

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