"The Puff Adder I Encountered At UNIBEN Botanical Garden This Morning" (Photos)

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Carmart Ad
Who knows anything about this kind of snake?
I encountered this snake at UNIBEN botanical garden this morning.

Being an animal right activist I never intended to kill it, but the way it displayed make me resort to chase it down and kill it for the safety of people who usually comes to chill in that garden.

This snake moves with a straight body, this means it doesn't wriggle while it moves.

It a surprisingly loud hissing sound.

It can inflate its whole body to about 3 times the normal size.

Not too fast but you'll need to run to catch up with it.

The body is flat that you might mistake it to be some dried long leaf if you don't look well.

It's good with camouflage as it was staying just 2 feet away from me but it took me several seconds of looking at it before I realize it was a snake.
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